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Q Why does my antivirus pick up the wallet and miner software as a virus?

A It's not a virus, years ago there was a virus that used ccminer to mine people's computers in the background, have a look at all the virus software reports on the wallet for Pipcoin.

Q Why is my wallet still syncing it's, stuck on (x) day's or week's?

A Make sure your firewall allows Pipcoin wallet to 'talk' to the outside world (public), also make sure your region is connected where you stay and your time is in sync on the internet. the wrong time will stop wallet from syncing.

Q How much internet data does it take to have my wallet open and mining my wallet?

A Very little if you keep it open 24/7, estimate at most 50mb a day.

Q How much will I make a day?

A Depending on your hardware (we recommend the Nvidia gtx series and model nr 650 and higher, graphics card). The gtx 960 can make anywhere from 20 to 100 Pipcoins a day, depending on network difficulty.

Q How are payments calculated?

A Once a block is solved by one of the members in the pool the block reward is shared amongst the pool members each accordingly to the amount of hashing power they are contributing to the Pipcoin network.

Q When do payments partake?

A After a block is solved 80 other confirmed blocks must be added to the chain before the block reward is paid out.

Q Is there any costs involved to mine on the pool?

A Members can follow the instructions on how to mine and set up they're device from the home screen.

Q I'm stuck, do you add assistance?

A For remote support and assistance for Pool Mining configuration it is R1000 and for GPU Solo Mining it is R3000.

Q Where can I download CCMiner for my NVIDIA card?

A You can download it below.


Q Where can I download CGMiner for my ATI AMD card?

A You can download it below.


Q Can i mine with my cpu or old laptop?

A Yes you can, less coin fractions will be paid out as less hashing power is being contributing to the network. the older your device, the less the possibility of mining at a profit.

Q Where can I download CPU Miner for my old computer?

A You can download it below.


Q Do you have any more information on your shop and mining?

A Have a look at our Pipcoin Channel on YouTube.

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