Nvidia Scrypt Pipcoin Miner (ccminer) Download

This is a CUDA accelerated mining application which handle :

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Decred (Blake256 14-rounds - 180 bytes)

HeavyCoin & MjollnirCoin


GroestlCoin & Myriad-Groestl


QuarkCoin family & AnimeCoin


DarkCoin and other X11 coins

Chaincoin and Flaxscript (C11)

Saffroncoin blake (256 14-rounds)

BlakeCoin (256 8-rounds)

Midnight (BMW 256)

Qubit (Digibyte, ...)

Luffa (Joincoin)

Keccak (Maxcoin)

Pentablake (Blake 512 x5)

1Coin Triple S

Neoscrypt (FeatherCoin)


Scrypt and Scrypt:N

Scrypt-Jane (Chacha)

Sibcoin (sib)

Skein (Skein + SHA)

Woodcoin (Double Skein)

Vanilla (Blake256 8-rounds - double sha256)

Vertcoin Lyra2RE

Ziftrcoin (ZR5)

where some of these coins have a VERY NOTABLE nVidia advantage

over competing AMD (OpenCL Only) implementations.

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Nvidia Scrypt Pipcoin Miner (ccminer)

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